Why should you upgrade your juicer purchase to stainless steel?

Are you thinking about buying a juicer to put in your kitchen? Definitely a great way to boost yours and your families health, freshly squeezed juice contains vitamins and minerals you simply cant get from supplements. Before you buy, take a moment to think about getting a stainless steel juicer. Maybe you already know about the benefits of stainless steel over plastics and other materials, and already know that a stainless steel juicer will last much longer than any other material.

Stainless steel juicer

A Stainless steel juicer, whether manual or electric, is easier to clean and always looks great. There is also less chance of ever breaking anything.

All the top manufacturers and models of the Breville juicers, Angel, GreenStar and Lexsun produce their juicers in stainless steel versions. Do they cost more? Usually yes, but you do get what you pay for. The materials that regular plastic juicers are made from degrade after a year or two, and become brittle and also discoloured. I have found this especially from juicing staining vegetables like carrots and beetroots, and it makes the juicer look old very quickly indeed.

One of the the fastest and best juicers out there in my opinion is the Breville 800JEXL, it makes a glass of juice in about 10 seconds and feels quite heavy and durable. having said that, I am a fan of the slower and more expensive geared, or auger juicers. These make juice more slowly, but the juice is much nicer. It keeps longer too – a direct result of the liquid not being aerated by being thrown around by a fast spinning knife, the kind the quicker working 800JEXL uses. Geared, or even better twin gear stainless steel juicers are generally accepted as making the healthiest juice of all.

You can still get them all in plastic, or with plastic juicer parts instead if you prefer, but if you take a bit of time and read a few reviews you will find that people really rave on about how great these things are.

No doubt it is partly the appearance too – stainless steel always looks classic, and complements any kitchen decor. Unfortunately there is far too much white plastic everywhere in most kitchens. And if you are really committed of course, that juicer will be living on your counter top form now on!

So just before you commit to buying, check if you cannot get the model you are after or a very similar one in metal. You will not regret spending the few extra dollars, the quality is well worth it.

Stainless steel is also better than plastic in that plastic is not biodegradable, and when broken generally just gets thrown away, whereas stainless steel is likely to last longer and when old, can often be recycled, making it a better choice for a smaller footprint on the earth, and also fits better with the eco-friendly home.

Not to mention you will save time cleaning the machine and benefit from being able to put all the parts through the dishwasher, as well as not having to worry about hygiene as bacteria cannot live on the smooth steel surfaces.

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