Useful gadgets to have – citrus juicer

Every kitchen needs a citrus juicer, because there are so many delicious ways to enjoy freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice. How about home made cocktails, not to mention the number of recipes calling for lemon juice in cooking and baking?

Citrus juicer

Simple citrus juicers like this are a life long investment - made of strong steel or aluminium they can be used everyday for lemons, limes, and any other small citrus fruits.

Unlike big bulky electric juicer machines, a citrus juicer is just a compact, hand held device that squeezes the juice out of lemons and limes, usually by squeezing together two handles. They don’t take up much space, should last a life time, and are quite affordable – in fact if you are in the habit of buying citrus juice concentrate for cooking, baking, or mixing into drinks, then you will find the citrus juicer will pay for itself after while! Once squeezed, fresh citrus juice actually keeps for a surprisingly long time in the refrigerator thanks to the natural preservative quality of vitamin C, found in high levels in lemons and limes. This is of course what makes the fresh stuff so good for you, and is just another reason why getting a citrus juicer is a good idea. You can obtain all you daily vitamin C needs from a single lemon…if you can bear to drink the juice! If it is too sour, you can always dilute it though – mixed with water, and sweetened with some honey makes delicious lemonade for the whole family.
If you think having to buy fresh lemons and juice them is going to be too inconvenient, just remember that the fresh lemons will actually keep for a very long time if stored in a dry and well ventilated space. A little fruit basket in the kitchen is ideal, and looks quite charming too. Actually juicing the little fruits only takes a moment, and cleanup is simple – just make sure you wash all traces of juice off the citrus juicer to avoid staining or corrosion while it is not in use.
What is the price range? At the lower end, a hand held press for home kitchen use will cost only about $20, the Amco 2-in-1 squeezer is a good example. If you just want to juice for cooking, or a few lemons here and there this would be an ideal choice.
On the other hand, if you need to make seriously large batches of citrus juice, a bigger bench top design like the Breville die-cast Citruspress or the Metrokane Juicer if you need something stylish can easily make as much juice as you have fruit. This is almost a commercial level press, retailing for around $150. Obviously there are plenty of models from different manufacturers in between, but this is the range. $20-$30 should be the most the average kitchen needs to spend.

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