Using juicer recipes to make better juice, both for your health and your tastebuds

juicer recipesIf you have a juicer machine, or are planning on getting one, you will want to make sure you have some juicer recipes up your sleeve.  While some people are happy to invent recipes on the fly, mixing whatever they have at hand and being prepared to drink whatever comes out, others are no doubt more cautious!  It takes time to juice, and to wash up, for that matter, so you don’t want to be making juice that is so undrinkable that it ends up going to waste.  You are probably going to look for some juicer recipes.

You see, when we first got our first juicer, I had a simple list of which vegetables and fruits contains which nutrients, and what was good for what ailment etc.  This was good, but it gave me no idea about how to mix and match to make a juice which tastes refreshing as well as being healthful.  I then went and did what most people will try with their juicer at first, unless they have heard the tale before and know better – like you! What I juiced was the following.  Five carrots.  Half a bunch of celery.  A red capsium.  One onion.  One clove of garlic.  One piece of ginger.  Three apples.  Did I mention the egg yet?  No, that was just a joke.  I did not juice an egg.  But you can imagine, just with that short list how foul my mix-and-match juice tasted!  Oh yeah baby!  Not to mention that I was already feeling off colour that day with the beginnings of a flu – the very reason why I went so all-out on the “healthful” ingredients in juice.

But little did I know, that you can’t just go mixing random stuff into your juicer recipes and actually come up with something that you can drink.  Now, I often say these days, if the juice looks too scary green for you, just pop in a straw and drink it that way – and it really works – for green juice.  Or juice that is stretching your juice tastes just that little bit more.  But trust me, onion, garlic, apples, red peppers, etc – all together – that is not something I ever want to meet again in this life.  😉  Let’s just say I had a bellyache for several hours afterwards. But you, dear reader, are much better informed.  You know that it pays to understand what goes with what when you make juice, and that just because something is healthy does not mean that it will taste good, or that you will be able to drink it.  No, better to organise yourself some juicer recipes, and set them up in your kitchen with your best diet books, best crockpot recipes, best bread recipes, best other cooking books etc, so that you can make healthy and tasty juice, for yourself, for family and your friends. Stay tuned for more, as I will be reviewing some juicer recipe books very shortly.

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