Using raw juice as part of an acne detox

There are many approaches to clearing up acne. You may have heard of acne body wash and other washes and soap alternatives, over-the-counter creams, prescription medicines and natural approaches.  A natural approach I am going to cover here is raw juice.  Raw juice is juice you have made with your own juicer machine, from fresh fruits and vegetables.  Because juice made fresh at home is hardly loses any of its wonderful raw goodness, including vitamins, minerals and fruit/veg enzymes.  You may or may not have heard of fruit and vegetable enzymes but basically they the living components of cells which aid the digestion of the good things in food, and neutralisation of toxins.  Enzymes together with the natural fibre present in raw juice, is what gives it such good detoxifyng properties, because fibre essentially is an absorbent material and it absorbs the toxins in the body and carries them out of the body.

Juice detox diet

Other things you can do for your skin as part of an acne detox are to cut out refined sugar in your diet, and cut out high salt foods and foods that are very spicy or seasoned (especially in proprietary seasoning mixes, because these can include additives that will make acne worse).  These are things you would want to do anyway in the long term to achieve healthy living.  Switch to organic fruits and vegetables if you can afford it/if you can source them in your area.  During a detox you should also go off tea and coffee, no matter how much you love your Nescaf or Flavia coffee – you can always come back to it after your detox is over, if you want!

Just by observing the above guidelines alone, you may be able to reduce your acne or get rid of it even altogether.  This is not impossible from diet alone, but always consult your health/medical advisor before undergoing a detox treatment or weight loss programs of any kind.

If you choose to use raw juice as part of a detox, whether just a gentle detox over a period of many weeks or months, or a full-on juice fast (please consult your health/medical advisor before doing this), here are some suggestions for fruits and vegetables that can help a lot for acne and skin problems.

Carrot juice is known to help restore a natural pH balance in the blood, thus assisting in detox.  Cucumber juice is a natural diuretic, thus helping toxins, salt and excess water on their way out of the body.  Watermelon, red beet,spinach, watercress and  cantaloupe are also all known to be excellent choices for raw juice that is helpful in treating acne.

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