Using the Jacks Power Juicer is a quick and easy way to boost your diet

Too many of us have a busy daily schedule and family commitments which mean that our spare time is strictly limited. If you still want to be able to take advantage of the huge health benefits of making and drinking your own fresh juice, you need a juicer machine that gives you FAST results simplicity of use and quick cleanup. Luckily the Power Juicer from Jack Lalanne ticks all the boxes – a glass of juice in 10 seconds, easy and safe enough for even the kids to operate, and cleanup is super fast, you can even throw the juicer parts in the dishwasher.

Jacks Power Juicer

You've probably seen it on TV - all the marketing hype aside, the Jacks Power Juicer really does seem to be a good low cost juicer that is fast and easy to use and clean.

The power juicer uses a high speed spinning drum which is powered by an electric motor, to quickly shred up your ingredients and turn them into a delicious drink, packed with the same goodness as fresh raw vegetables and fruit. Imagine having to eat a pound of raw carrot sticks! Well, with the power juicer anyone can…and all you need to do is make time to drink two glasses of delicious, refreshing juice that will make you feel great. Diets that call for raw vegetables (commonly carrots, celery, capsicum and cucumber) become both fun and easy to stick to once you realize that making healthy juicer recipes and drinking raw vegetables is so, so much easier. Many people avoid eating raw vegetables because the hard pieces hurt their teeth and gums – trust me, I am one of them! Weight loss diets, and allergy related diets can be made much more pleasant with a fast, easy to use juicer machine.

Of course there are lots of other juicers to choose from (including cheaper ones) so what is special about the Power juicer? For a start, it looks great. Finished in stainless steel it complements modern kitchens and will still look as good as new for years to come. Stainless steel juicer machines don’t fade, pick up stains, or crack like many plastic juicer parts do after a year or two.
Apart from the excellent performance of the machine, you can also be assured great customer support form Jack Lalanne, who offer 60 day money back guarantees on every Power Juicer they sell. being a large corporation you will also find warranty claims are easy, with 5 years being a standard warranty from this company.
If better health is on your agenda, but you can’t afford to lose any more of your spare time, this high quality fruit and vegetable juicer is the ideal choice.

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