Welcome to The Daily Juicer

Welcome to the Daily Juicer!

This is a site put together by a juice enthusiast, for juice enthusiasts. Do you Juice? If so, you already know how great freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice tastes.  Yes, pre-squozen juices that one can buy off the supermarket shelves can be handy at times, but once you’ve had the real thing, you’re gonna be hooked!

My own juicing habit started about 2 years ago, at a point in my life when my health was just going from bad to worse. I started juicing normal things – apples, oranges – and soon graduated to stuff like celery, carrots, capsicum and tomatoes. I have never looked back! Fresh juice straight from the juicer is almost a food in itself, and we all know that raw fruits and vegetables are good for us.  And what can I say?  It simply makes me feel GREAT.

Think about it – how many raw carrot sticks can you eat in one sitting? Well, I can juice up three pounds of celery, green peppers, carrots, apples and ginger and drink that in an afternoon while I do my housework. There is simply no better health boost. You can’t get fresher than this.  Not to mention that you can make a glass of juice to have at special occasions, who needs wine when your juice is handmade and so fresh?


Since I started my own juicing at home, I’ve learnt a lot about different kinds of juicers and what they do best. I’ve set up this site to share what I have learnt, and hopefully inspire a few people along the way. I get angry when I see or hear about health practitioners trying to convince people that they can fix their lives with drugs or terribly expensive supplements. Yes, sometimes they are necessary but seriously – fresh, raw foods are the best possible and most easily absorbed source of vitamins and minerals. And guess what:  making your own juice at home is cheap compared with those supplements.  By blogging here at Daily Juicer I would love to contribute to bring daily juicing to more people worldwide, especially those who are busy, who work outside the home and those who are simply not sure where to start.  I am here to help you.

My family love the juice that we make, and we drink it every day.  We’ve got no blown-out-of-proportion weight loss boasts to tell you, although both myself and my partner do find juice helps us to stay slim, and to keep illnesses at bay – the last time we really had a cold or flu was several years ago.  I won’t try and sell you acai berries or goji berries or any other kind of fancy new berry or tell you to go on this diet or that, or start making fabulously erroneous claims.  Any juice is better than no juice, is my motto, and even though goji berries may indeed make extremely good juice, so do a a bunch of celery sticks, a head of lettuce, a cucumber and a few apples – all things you will probably have in your refrigerator right now, or can easily grab at your local grocery store.  I’m all about enabling…

Yes, I am passionate: about my health, about my families health. Hopefully I can provide some insight and inspiration to you with the info I have put together on these pages.

If you are already juicing, check out my favourite juice recipes, and I invite you to leave some of your own in the guest comments, so we can all try them.  There will be more opportunities to interact on this blog in the near future, so stay tuned, and sign up for my RSS feed to get updates delivered right to your email inbox or RSS reader.

All the best. Laurie.

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