What can drinking Acai Berry Juice Do For Your Health?

Acai berries come from the Acai palm tree,  found growing in lush places such as the rain forests of South America. This berry has been used as a traditional folk remedy for many years by tribal cultures, and has recently gained incredible support from health practitioners the world over as an antioxidant rich source of minerals and beneficial compounds. Mass advertising is undoubtedly to blame for the Acai-fever that has swept the online community over the past 24 months, nevertheless, there is solid evidence that this is a good food to put on your shortlist of healthy diet snacks. The juice that comes from these berries (more easily available than the fruit) is attributed with properties which can significantly improve one’s health.

acai berry juice is rich in antioxidants

Potent Acai Berry Juice is made by crushing the rather ordinary looking berries

First of all, it contains numerous antioxidants (known to combat diseases such as cancer), and significantly, it also has free amino acids in it which means that it can be very useful in not just slowing down the aging process but in rebuilding cells that have been damaged by injuries, disease, or other external stress factors. Also, acai berry juice can be used in any kind of diet, because it improves the digestion, cleansing the entire system in a similar way to mangosteen juice. Another reason why it’s really effective in diets is the fact that it contains lots of calcium and vitamins essential for a healthy body, such as vitamin A and E.

As mentioned above, acai berry juice has lots of beneficial properties, and the big volume of antioxidants comes from the polyphenols, which can be found in really big concentrations in this certain juice. We could compare it with the grapes used for making red wine, just the acai berry juice has an antioxidant quantity in it which is actually thirty three times more concentrated than the one in those grapes.

Did you know that antioxidants have the amazing property of lowering your chances of having problems with a high blood pressure, therefore being a natural way of avoiding heart and brain strokes? A study shows that that is the reason why French people have lower rates of heart attacks because they consume larger quantities of wine which also has antioxidants, but the acai berry juice has even more of those, so just imagine about the beneficial effects it can have on your health.

It is known that even people who eat fatty foods can lower their chances of having heart diseases if they choose to consume acai berries juice.

There are even more reasons why this great juice is bound to help you in losing weight and one of them is the phytosterols. These substances can stimulate the body to get rid of the cholesterol in the blood.

If you are anemic and sometimes you really lack of energy, acai berry juice can do miracles for you. It is a natural energy booster and your immune system will also get the necessary stimulation to keep you in a good shape and fix your digestion to a normal state.

Of course that natural supplements will always be more effective and less dangerous than different pills, because they don’t have all the contraindications and they are much more easily absorbed by the body directly into the cells, therefore the benefic results will come faster.

Did you know that you can even become more resistant to all sorts of allergens if you drink this natural supplement? It is a natural shield against all sorts of irritants around us, not to mention that it can get rid of all the toxins in your system in a matter of days.

But this is not all! It is known that Amazon tribes knew about the variety of beneficial effects of acai berry juice and used it for all sorts of things, starting with fighting infections to using it as an important part in fighting various diseases.

Some lab tests were made in order to see the acai berries’ effect on leukemia cells. The results were remarkable, as the substances in the fruits managed to kill 86% of those cells.

On the whole, acai berry juice is a natural supplement which can be used for getting to your best health state, getting the energy, the healthy organs and a younger body for a longer time. For most people, the only way to obtain this juice is to buy it in ready juiced form. However, of you are lucky enough to be able to source fresh Acai, there is nothing stopping you from using your own juicer machine to process the berries yourself. Give it a try – juice diets are safe, and if nothing else it tastes delicious. Just remember that processed juices, as healthy as they may be in terms of antioxidant content etc can still be high in sugars. For a good healthy compromise try mixing some acai juice into your own vegetable juicer recipes (celery juice is a really good one to use because it is really devoid of high GI sacharides) to dilute the sugar content but still enjoy the exotic flavor.

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