Which juice machine is the best juicer?

Here I am again with this debate about the best juicer.  It comes up from time to time, more often than you’d expect even.  Which is the best juicer?  Which is the right juicer machine for me?  Which juicer is the best for my needs?  Which juicer should I get?  Which juicer should I buy?  This is a question which gets asked a lot, and I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm one bit but the truth is that there is no one best juicer.  HOWEVER, there are such things as the best juicer for fast operation.  The best juicer for quick cleanup.  The best juicer for children to operate.  The best juicer for commercial sites.  The best juicer for market stalls.  The best juicer for long-keeping juice.  The best juicer for the highest quality raw juice.  All of these questions are plenty valid and you will find that asking yourself that extra bit, the best juicer for [insert variable] is the better way to phrase this dilemma to yourself.

best juicerIf you ask yourself which is the best juicer for the job you want to do the most, consider what is the task you plan to carry out with your juicer the most often.  Is it for fruit juice?  Vegetable juice?  Do you have an emphasis on the healthiest raw juice you can get your hands on or is it more of a case of wanting to replace your supermarket-bought bottled juice with something at least a little bit fresher?  Do you want to make wheatgrass juice, in which case make sure you get yourself either a dedicated wheatgrass juicer or else a masticating juicer, single auger juicer or twin gear juicer.  A centrifugal juicer machine won’t juice dry things like wheatgrass very well.  If you are looking for a juicer to make a large output of liquids, you may want to get the largest centrifugal juicer for the home that you can find.  Say you want to make juice for a large amount of people, like a sports club or a school cafeteria or it is for a regularly-used church hall… so the best juicer in your case would be the fast, big chute for the ingredients and easy to clean.  Whereas if you are a health-nut daily juicer, you want to consider the Angel Juicer and its friends,the other masticating juicers.  These ones will do basically everything, and on the side they can even churn out the peanut butters and other nut butters, seed oils and even make pasta and other fancy stuff.  Yeah, I know, all in a juicer!  So it all comes down to what you want, really.  Maybe you can make a little list and run it by your family, or office, or committee or whoever else is involved in the search for the best juicer for your purposes.

Now I have got you thinking in a different way about the “best” machine.  But don’t worry, it’s not complicated even though it may seem so at first.  Check out the different kinds of juicer, and then think out an overview of what you want your juicer machine for the most.  Unfortunately, there is no one best juicer, but there is a juice that is right for you and that is even better than something generic.  Best of luck in choosing the right juicer machine!  🙂

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