Have you considered that an orange juicer will pay for itself in less than 2 months?

Buying fresh juice can be quite an expensive habit, even though it is a healthy alternative to cheaper cordials and fake flavoured juices. Did you know that it is very quick and easy to make your own freshly squeezed orange juice at home with an affordable and compact orange juicer? If you buy juice, you will find an orange juicer can pay for itself within a month or two. Do the maths – juice works out to about $1.50 a glass, drink this everyday for one and a half to two months and there’s the cost of a decent juicer!

orange juicer

If you already buy fresh juice for breakfast, or for any time of the day for that matter, you probably already know how good it can make you feel. Fresh juice contains very large quantities of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and a range of simple and complex sugars. Because everything is already dissolved in an organic form (that is it is – or was – part of a living fruit, it is very easy for your body to absorb and use these nutrients. Notice how a glass of juice seems to give you energy. That is first the simple sugars giving you a quick hit, but unlike say eating a chocolate, you don’t feel weak and empty after 10 minutes. This is because the more complex sugars are also being processed by your body, giving you a steady supply of energy to use up.

Using an orange juicer is really simple. Unlike large electrical juicer machines (we’ve talked at length about models like the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer, and let me say they DO have their place) an orange juicer is usually very compact, and because it is usually a manual juicer, hardly makes a sound when you use it.

If you can cut an orange in half, you can use a counter top orange juicer! All it takes is to halve the fruit, place the halves in the press, and pull the lever. There are a number of designs out there, but they are all quite similar in that they rely on large leverage to physically crush, and squeeze every last drop of juice out of the halved oranges. You don’t need to be massively strong, even children can use these gadgets. A good tip is to try and position yourself so that you can simply lean down onto the orange juicer, this way using your own body weight rather than relying on strong arm muscles.

Then again, if you plan to make fresh juice for breakfast, you probably know all about the importance of daily exercise and might appreciate the workout!

The best orange juicers are stainless steel juicers or Aluminum, since this does not corrode or discolour like plastics do after extended usage.

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