Why every kitchen should have a lemon juicer

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen, cooking or baking will know that the juice from citrus fruits is quite commonly used. Many cake recipies, and fillings like creams or icings require a dash of tangy juice from lemon or lime, and so do plenty of savory meals like meats and sauces. You have almost certainly used lemon juice before – maybe you bought the liquid in a bottle from a shop, which does work quite well as it keeps for a long time. But have you ever compared it to fresh juice? No where near as good unfortunately!

lemon juicer

This is where you need to arm yourself with a good lemon juicer. Every kitchen should have one, as you may be able to testify if you have tried to squeeze out lemons or limes by just cutting them up and squeezing. It is not only hard work, really messy (juice and pips go everywhere), but you don’t really end up with much juice, it gets wasted.

A good lemon juicer is not very expensive, expect to pay between $20 and $30. This should get you a nice simple stainless steel hand held press, into which you just place half a lemon and press the handles together. Notice that the two halves of the juicer, shaped like the inside and outside of the fruit sit neatly inside one another. When it is fully compressed, there will be almost no liquid left inside the fruit at all. You will even save money this way because fresh citrus fruit is not cheap to buy. The more juice you can squeeze out the better.

If possible you should obtain a press made of stainless steel because it will not react with the acidic juice, and because plastics can deteriorate quite fast from the acid. Stainless steel juicers cost more but are more sturdy, plus they don’t ever rust or seize up like cheaper materials.

Once you start using the juicer, you will find lots of other things lemon juice is good for. You can make your own lemonade, or even use it when making up cocktails for a party.

If you are worried that your hands will not be strong enough to squeeze the citrus press together, you are also in for a surprise. Most hand held lemon juicers give you so much leverage (The handles are also ergonomically designed) that even kids can use them.

With so many different uses, every kitchen will benefit from having a lemon juicer in the cupboard. These little devices are so compact and will not take up much space either.

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