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When you run a commercial operation, you haven’t got time to mess around, as no doubt you know.  And since orange juice is the most popular type of juice purchased, so you should be ready to serve it, to both please the customer and make your profit.

So it’s with no hesitation that I recommend the Zummo Juicer to all restaurant and bar owners and operators.

The Zummo Juicer is made by a Spanish company which has specialised in automatic citrus juicer machines since 1992.  They have a long track record of producing these clever machines which actually squeeze the oranges before the customer’s very eyes.  They are sold in over fifty countries and are known as a quality brand when it comes to outstanding performance, speed and efficiency over alternative brands of commercial juicer.

They say that when you buy a Zummo Juicer you know that it’s been manufactured with professional restaurants and bars in mind, helping business owners, operators and servers to deliver the freshest orange juice in the shortest time possible.  And because these juicers are made only for commerical use, you know tha profit margin has been taken into account – your profit margin, which relies on reliability, speed, and a quality juice.  So I know if I was running a commercial operation myself, I’d definitely be getting in one of these Zummo Juicers from the get-go.

I’ve watched the Zummo Juicer machine do its thing and it’s actually very fun to watch, how it makes the juice.  Delicious eye-candy for the customer – it’s like a little bit of Willy Wonka’s factory, but with oranges, not chocolate – and minus the oompa loompas of course.

The way the Zummo Juicer works is that it cuts the orange in half and then presses each half so that no skin (and no pesticides or other nasties that may have been residual on the orange peel) comes into contact with the juice.  This means that customers will be able  to see it all happening before their eyes, proving that there is no peel mushed up in their juice – a huge drawcard for the ever-increasingly health conscious customer of today.  Especially since oranges are often sprayed on the farm, meaning that peel contains chemical residues that are better for all of us to avoid consuming.

The oranges squeezed by a Zummo Juicer yields more than all other commercial orange juicers on the market.  I’ve heard it said that you get a 14% more profit per amount of oranges than from any other juicer.

Another thing which is nice about the Zummo Juicer is that it’s the only orange pressing machine in the world which has the I.SO 14001”Green Accrediation”.  You can proudly draw attention to this as an attractive reason for customers to purchase their juice from you, because people are of course becoming more environment-conscious these days.

Also, space is a consideration as always, and the Zummo Juicer’s producers have obviously thought long and hard about making this machine small enough to fit into most back bars.  The entire unit is easily transferrable between venues, so if you own two businesses and want to use the machine at each venue at different times, this really won’t be an issue.

Finally, the Zummo Juicer is cleanable within five minutes, making it one of the fastest large commercial juicers on the market today.  The parts are easy to assemble after cleaning, removing the need for any specialised training.
Now I don’t make juice on a commercial scale myself but just knowing that the juice from the Zummo Juicer is free of all peel and all peel residue, would make it my #1 choice if I were to be purchasing a commerical citrus juicer for a shop, bar or restaurant.  Fresh, pure juice is always the best!

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